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IRIDIS Digital

Iridis Digital is a research and technology company, founded as a joint venture between Space Architects and the University of Stirling. IRIDIS specialises in using new, cutting-edge technologies to support evidence-based design and research projects.

The IRIDIS app represents a rare opportunity for exploring the existing standards of design and identifying opportunities for adaption that can transform public buildings, care facilities, workplaces, and private homes into spaces that better support people living with dementia. The app is built upon the DSDC’s research-based Dementia Design Audit Tool, meaning that users benefit from expert insight at the touch of a button. You can read more here.

Our partners at IRIDIS support the project through providing access to their technological insights and design expertise, participating in different research activities, and providing the team with access to the IRIDIS App and activity sensing technologies.

Space Group

Space Group is an innovative design and technology business working across the built environment. Originally from Newcastle, they now have offices across the UK and a growing international presence.

Space Group believes in improving outcomes for their clients by embracing new and emerging technologies to find smarter ways of designing, constructing, and operating buildings. Their business focuses on solving problems, either macro of micro, and using technology to address the challenges of the future. You can read more here.

They became one of the DesHCA project partners due to their interest in how the built environment, design, and technology can help people to overcome the challenges they encounter as they age. 

As partners they support DesHCA by providing their insight and expertise, sharing the project findings, and working with researchers in Work Packages 2 and 3 to explore the ways in which older people use their homes in real time, and develop innovative VR models to showcase designs that support healthy cognitive ageing.

Stone Paper Scissors

Stone Paper Scissors is a game design company that specialises in creating bespoke “serious” games for government, corporate, organisation and recreational audiences. Founded in the UK, Stone Paper Scissor’s games are designed to promote education, insight, collaboration, negotiation, and team building through the process of gameplay.

As specialists in game design, Stone Paper Scissors became a DesHCA project partner to help researchers find a way to support people from a variety of backgrounds to have productive conversations about home design and adaptation and identify common barriers and novel solutions. You can find out more here.

Stone Paper Scissors has previously worked alongside members of the DesHCA team to design serious games exploring housing policy from the perspectives of users, practitioners, developers and policy makers. They support the DesHCA project by providing their insight and expertise in cooperation, negotiation and game design, as well creating a unique serious game exploring the issues around designing homes for healthy cognitive ageing.