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DesHCA is a large, URKI funded research project with activities taking place until the start of 2024.

We’re eager to capture the voices of people from a variety of backgrounds, so if you’re over 55, we want to hear from you. Whether you’re in good health, recovering from a health problem, or living with a long term condition that impacts your day to day life, we want to know about your experience. No matter your health status, whether you have arthritis or COPD, diabetes or dementia, or if you are living with someone who does, we want to hear from you.

Are you 55 or older and living in the UK? 

Wondered how well the design of your home supports healthy cognitive ageing?

Take part in our survey and use the Environments for Ageing and Dementia Design Assessment Tool (or EADDAT) to explore the design of your home. Find out what changes you could make to make it more ‘dementia friendly’ in the future. 


More Opportunites for Older People

The DesHCA project is designed to keep the needs, wants, and experiences of older people at the heart of the research process. That means involving older people at every stage of the research, from designing the materials we use, to carrying out the research and reporting our findings. 

It’s important that we hear from as many different people over the age of 55 as possible to make sure that our designs and recommendations work well for everyone. If you or someone you know is over 55 and living in Scotland and wants to take part in one or more of DesHCA’s research activities you can fill out our options form online, or contact the research team directly to find out more. 

DesHCA is especially keen to hear from people who often feel left out of research, or who worry that academic researchers don’t talk to people like them. So if you are an older person who does not own your own home, if you have a health condition or disability that significantly impacts your life, or if you’re a member or a marginalised group we are particularly interested to hear from you.

Working Professionals

DesHCA aims to explore the issues around designing homes that support healthy cognitive ageing from as many perspectives as possible, to make sure we understand how each individual, organisation, and sector can work together to develop and adapt homes to support people as they age. 

We understand that the process of  creating, maintaining, and adapting homes that support healthy cognitive ageing is complicated, with many moving parts. That is why we are looking to involve professionals working across a variety of sectors in shaping our designs and recommendations. 

If you’re a professional working in a role that involves providing or adapting homes for older people in any way, or supporting older people to do so, we want to hear from you. Please reach out and contact the research team directly to find out more about how you can take part in the DesHCA project. 

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